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Initial list of devices compatible with Joli OS

Jolicloud Team
posted this on April 26, 2011 17:05

Joli OS is known to be an Operating System that works on a very large number of devices. If your device is not in this list, it doesn't mean it's not supported. Remember, it's always worth trying! Check this topic for more details about trying Joli OS and Jolicloud, and to have an overview of the suggested hardware specifications.

The following list is not closed. If you're using Joli OS on a device that is not in the list, you can leave us a comment. We'll update the list as soon as possible.

Happy Joliclouding!




Models per brand


  • Aspire 4520
  • Aspire 4730z
  • Aspire 5050
  • Aspire 5733
  • Aspire 5736Z
  • Aspire 5738
  • Aspire 9100
  • Aspire AS5251-1513
  • Aspire AZ3101-035
  • Aspire One
  • Aspire One 150
  • Aspire One 150 ZG5
  • Aspire One 521
  • Aspire One 531
  • Aspire One 532g
  • Aspire One 532h
  • Aspire One 533
  • Aspire One 751h
  • Aspire One D250
  • Aspire One D255
  • Aspire One D255E
  • Aspire One D257
  • Aspire One D260
  • Aspire One E100
  • Aspire One Happy
  • Aspire One Happy 2
  • Aspire Revo R3700
  • Aspire Timeline 5810TZ
  • Aspire TimelineX 1830T
  • ...


  • 4211
  • 4213
  • ...


  • KIRA 700
  • ...


  • MacBook Air 1.1
  • MacBook Air 2.1
  • MacBook Air 3.1 11-inch
  • MacBook Air 3.1 13-inch
  • ...


  • 9 PC tablet
  • 10
  • 10s
  • Cartable Numerique
  • ...


  • G22
  • ...


  • A6Vc
  • All-in-One PC ET2400INT
  • Disney Netbook
  • Eee Box B202
  • Eee PC 1000
  • Eee PC 1000H
  • Eee PC 1000HA
  • Eee PC 1000HD
  • Eee PC 1000HE
  • Eee PC 1001HA
  • Eee PC 1001P
  • Eee PC 1001PQ
  • Eee PC 1001PX
  • Eee PC 1001PXD
  • Eee PC 1002H
  • Eee PC 1002HA
  • Eee PC 1005HA
  • Eee PC 1005HA-H
  • Eee PC 1005HAG
  • Eee PC 1005HR
  • Eee PC 1005P
  • Eee PC 1005PE
  • Eee PC 1005PE-H
  • Eee PC 1005PR
  • Eee PC 1005PX
  • Eee PC 1005PXD
  • Eee PC 1008HA
  • Eee PC 1008HG
  • Eee PC 1008P KR
  • Eee PC 1011PX
  • Eee PC 1015P
  • Eee PC 1015PD
  • Eee PC 1015PE
  • Eee PC 1015PED
  • Eee PC 1015PEM
  • Eee PC 1015PN
  • Eee PC 1015PW
  • Eee PC 1015PX
  • Eee PC 1016P
  • Eee PC 1018P
  • Eee PC 1101HA
  • Eee PC 1101PX
  • Eee PC 1201HA
  • Eee PC 1201N
  • Eee PC 1201NL
  • Eee PC 1201PN
  • Eee PC 1201T
  • Eee PC 1215N
  • Eee PC 1215P
  • Eee PC 2G Surf
  • Eee PC 4G
  • Eee PC 4G Surf
  • Eee PC 700
  • Eee PC 701
  • Eee PC 701SD
  • Eee PC 701SDX
  • Eee PC 704SD
  • Eee PC 8G
  • Eee PC 900
  • Eee PC 900A
  • Eee PC 900AX
  • Eee PC 900HA
  • Eee PC 900HD
  • Eee PC 900SD
  • Eee PC 901
  • Eee PC 904HA
  • Eee PC 904HD
  • Eee PC S101
  • Eee PC S101H
  • Eee PC T101MT
  • Eee PC T91
  • Eee PC T91MT
  • Eee PC VX6
  • Eee PC X101
  • Eee PC X101H
  • Eee Top 1602
  • Eee Top 1611
  • EeeKeyboard PC
  • Essentio CS6110
  • K52
  • N10E-A1
  • ...


  • N1200
  • ...


  • ...


  • Gachapin
  • Rilakkuma
  • ...


  • FIT H10
  • FIT H9
  • ...


  • xs10 B01
  • xs10 W01
  • ...


  • Joybook Lite U101
  • Joybook Lite U101C
  • Joybook Lite U102
  • Joybook Lite U103
  • Joybook Lite U105
  • Joybook Lite U121 Eco
  • ...


  • Free PC 10P
  • Free PC 10P 3G
  • ...


  • Bing
  • ...


  • M1100
  • M1100Q
  • M1101
  • M1110
  • M1110Q
  • M1111
  • M710L
  • M810L
  • M815L
  • M815P
  • M817L
  • S3101
  • TN70M
  • TN71M
  • ...


  • ...


  • S101 New York
  • ...


  • Cruiser 8010 C
  • Freestyle 8020 F
  • KE-7000 MB
  • Traveler 8030J
  • ...


  • Mini 110
  • Mini 311
  • Mini 700
  • Mini CQ10-100
  • Mini CQ10-120
  • Mini CQ10-130
  • Mini CQ10-400
  • Mini CQ10-500
  • Mini CQ10-740SF
  • Presario CQ60
  • Presario SG2-110FR
  • Presario V2000
  • ...


  • 2go Classmate PC E10
  • 2go Convertible Classmate PC
  • 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2
  • 2go UW1
  • ...


  • Dimension 8200
  • Inspiron 1501
  • Inspiron 1525
  • Inspiron 1545
  • Inspiron 1720
  • Inspiron 8200
  • Inspiron 910
  • Inspiron Duo
  • Latitude 120L
  • Latitude 13
  • Latitude 2100
  • Latitude 2110
  • Latitude C510
  • Latitude D400
  • Latitude D510
  • Latitude D610
  • Latitude D620
  • Latitude D810
  • Latitude X200
  • Mini 10
  • Mini 10-1012
  • Mini 10-1018
  • Mini 10v
  • Mini 12
  • Mini 9
  • OptiPlex GX280
  • Studio 15 (1558)
  • Studio 1737
  • Vostro 3300
  • Vostro 500
  • Vostro A90
  • ...


  • E07EI1
  • E09EI6
  • E10IL1
  • E10IL2
  • E10IS2
  • G10IL
  • G10IL2
  • J10IL
  • T10IL
  • U10IL
  • V10IL1
  • V10IL2
  • ...


  • Butterfly A11216
  • Hornet
  • Hornet 3G
  • ...


  • Webbook
  • ...


  • E732ZG
  • EM250
  • EM350
  • EZ1600
  • EZ1711
  • T3516
  • ...


  • Endeavor Na01
  • ...


  • SVE00
  • ...


  • Qbook
  • ...


  • LifeBook MH330
  • LifeBook MH380
  • LifeBook U2010
  • LifeBook U2010 3.5G
  • LifeBook U2020
  • LifeBook U820
  • M1010
  • M2010
  • M2011
  • ...

Fujitsu Siemens

  • AMILO Mini Ui 3520
  • ESPRIMO Mobile V5505
  • SCALEO 600
  • ...


  • Datacask Jupiter
  • ...


  • LT2005u
  • LT2016u
  • LT2021u
  • LT2022u
  • LT2023u
  • LT2024u
  • LT2030u
  • LT2032u
  • LT2033u
  • LT2036u
  • LT2041u
  • LT2044u
  • LT2101n
  • LT2102h
  • LT2102n
  • LT2103n
  • LT2104n
  • LT2104u
  • LT2105n
  • LT2106n
  • LT2106u
  • LT2107h
  • LT2108u
  • LT2110u
  • LT2113u
  • LT2114u
  • LT2115u
  • LT2118u
  • LT2119u
  • LT2120u
  • LT2122u
  • LT2123u
  • LT2304n
  • LT2306n
  • LT2712u
  • LT2802u
  • LT3103u
  • N214
  • SX2800
  • ...


  • D2301
  • N10
  • N10U
  • N20
  • N3
  • N50
  • i30
  • i33
  • i50
  • ...


  • Booktop M1022C
  • Booktop M1022G
  • Booktop M1022M
  • Booktop M1022X
  • Café Book M912M
  • Café Book M912V
  • Café Book M912X
  • InNote Q1088C
  • Myou S1024
  • T1005M
  • Touch Note T1028C
  • Touch Note T1028G
  • Touch Note T1028M
  • Touch Note T1028X
  • ...


  • Cr-48 Chrome Notebook
  • ...


  • HannsNote SN10E11
  • ...


  • eCAFÉ EC-1000W
  • eCAFÉ EC-900
  • ...


  • 6535b
  • G50
  • Mini 1000
  • Mini 100e
  • Mini 110
  • Mini 1100
  • Mini 1103
  • Mini 210
  • Mini 210 HD Edition
  • Mini 2101
  • Mini 2102
  • Mini 2140
  • Mini 311
  • Mini 5101
  • Mini 5102
  • Mini 5103
  • nx6110
  • OmniBook xe4000
  • OmniBook xe4400
  • Pavilion 7935
  • Pavilion dv6
  • Pavilion dv7
  • Pavilion G60
  • Pavilion Tx2670
  • Pavilion ZE5000
  • Tablet PC TC1100
  • ...


  • ThinkPad X31
  • ThinkPad X40
  • ...


  • classmate clamshell
  • classmate clamshell '2nd gen'
  • classmate convertible
  • classmate convertible '2nd gen'
  • ...


  • Minix 811
  • Minix 820
  • ...

JP Sa Couto

  • Tsunami Moover W101
  • Tsunami Moover W11
  • ...


  • PM
  • SC
  • SH
  • SK
  • SR
  • SX
  • ...


  • Mercure NB1 Slim
  • Mercure NB2
  • ...


  • IdeaPad G550
  • IdeaPad S10
  • IdeaPad S10-2
  • IdeaPad S10-3
  • IdeaPad S10-3s
  • IdeaPad S10-3t
  • IdeaPad S10e
  • IdeaPad S12 - 295954U
  • IdeaPad S12 - 295955U
  • IdeaPad S12 - 29595FU
  • IdeaPad S12 - 29595GU
  • IdeaPad S9
  • IdeaPad S9e
  • IdeaPad U110
  • ThinkPad Edge 0328
  • ThinkPad T43
  • ThinkPad X121e
  • ...


  • T280
  • T380
  • X110
  • X120
  • X120 3G
  • X130
  • X140
  • X200
  • X300
  • ...


  • Linutop 3
  • Linutop 4
  • ...


  • Q-Notebook P10
  • QutePC-1000
  • QutePC-1010
  • QutePC-2000
  • QutePC-3020
  • ...


  • AKOYA E1210
  • AKOYA E1211
  • AKOYA E1212
  • AKOYA E1217
  • AKOYA E1221
  • AKOYA E1222
  • AKOYA S1210
  • AKOYA S1211 Hello Kitty
  • ...


  • M1000
  • M2000
  • S1000
  • ...


  • Wind L1300
  • Wind L1350
  • Wind U100
  • Wind U100 Plus
  • Wind U110
  • Wind U110 Eco
  • Wind U115
  • Wind U120
  • Wind U123
  • Wind U130
  • Wind U135
  • Wind U135DX
  • Wind U150
  • Wind U160
  • Wind U160DX
  • Wind U160MX
  • Wind U90
  • X320-037US
  • ...


  • LaVie Light
  • LaVie Light BL350
  • LaVie Light BL530
  • LaVie Light BL550
  • ...


  • Booklet 3G
  • ...


  • Neutrino
  • ...


  • VirtualBox
  • VMWare
  • ...

Packard Bell

  • dot
  • dot m
  • dot s
  • dot s2
  • dot se
  • EasyNote XS
  • ...


  • Toughbook CF-50
  • ...


  • Pivot 2.0
  • Power 2.0
  • ...


  • DreamBook Lite A11
  • DreamBook Lite IL3
  • DreamBook Lite IL4i
  • DreamBook Lite M81
  • DreamBook Lite R12
  • DreamBook Lite U11a
  • ...

Point of View

  • Mobii
  • Mobii ION
  • ...


  • Mobo 1020
  • Mobo 1050
  • Mobo 1055
  • Mobo 1080
  • Mobo 3G 2050
  • Mobo 3G 2055
  • Mobo 3G 2060
  • ...


  • Classmate convertible '2nd gen'
  • ...


  • ...


  • N100
  • N102
  • N110
  • N120-KA16
  • N130
  • N140-KA17
  • N145 Plus
  • N148
  • N150
  • N150 Plus
  • N210
  • N210 Plus
  • N220
  • N220 Plus
  • N230
  • N230 Slim
  • N310
  • N350
  • N510
  • NB30
  • NC10-KA01
  • NC10-KA16
  • NC10-KC100
  • NC10-KD100
  • NC10 3G
  • NC110
  • NC215
  • NF110
  • NF210
  • NF310
  • Other
  • Q1
  • RC410
  • ...


  • EDGE-HD2
  • ...


  • Mebius PC-NJ70A
  • ...


  • ML-1020
  • ML-1030
  • ML-1040
  • ...


  • VAIO M
  • VAIO P
  • VAIO W
  • VAIO W '2nd gen'
  • VAIO X
  • ...


  • DC103
  • DC204
  • DC205
  • DC405
  • ...


  • La petite machine
  • ...


  • g elite
  • g meso
  • ...


  • Pangolin Performance
  • Starling
  • ...


  • X8-S01
  • ...

Terra Mobile

  • 1021GO
  • ...


  • CM1
  • Equium M50-216
  • dynabook UX/24M
  • NB100
  • NB200-11L
  • NB200-10Z
  • NB200-12W
  • NB200-138
  • NB205-N210
  • NB205-N310
  • NB205-N325
  • NB205-N330
  • NB250
  • NB305
  • NB500
  • NB505
  • NB520
  • Portégé R500
  • Satellite A105
  • Satellite M55-S3314
  • Satellite M55-S3512
  • Satellite M70-122
  • Satellite Pro L300
  • Satellite Pro L450
  • ...


  • mbook M1
  • mbook SE
  • ...

Velocity Micro

  • NoteMagix M10
  • ...


  • VNB102
  • ...


  • N5
  • S10
  • S5
  • S7
  • X70 EX
  • ...

Virgin Media

  • Freedom
  • ...


  • Jolibook
  • S37
  • V-91008T
  • VyeBook
  • VyeOne
  • ...


  • S200i
  • S210i
  • S310i
  • ...


  • Certeza MC10
  • ...


  • Teo
  • Terra A20
  • ...


  • Fizzbook Bang
  • Fizzbook Go
  • Fizzbook Lite
  • Fizzbook Spin
  • Freedom 10-270
  • ...


  • ZBOX HD-ID11
  • ZBOX HD-ID33
  • ZBOX HD-ID34
  • ZBOX HD-ID40
  • ZBOX HD-ND01
  • ZBOX HD-ND02
  • ZBOX HD-ND21
  • ZBOX HD-ND22
  • ZBOX HD-NS21
  • ZBOX ID31
  • ZBOX ID36
  • ZBOX ID36 Plus
  • ZBOX ID41
  • ZBOX SD-ID10
  • ZBOX SD-ID12
  • ZBOX SD-ID12 Plus
  • ...


User photo

Aspire One D150 runs Joli Os very good, no problems, put on the list please ;)

April 28, 2011 19:17
User photo
Jake Price

I am running Joli OS on my Dell Studio 1558 perfectly .. blazing fast! Add it to the list to let others know!

May 11, 2011 01:58
User photo
Jolicloud Team


Jake, what is the video card inside your Dell Studio 15 (1558)?

May 12, 2011 18:03
User photo

UMID's mbook M1 can not find wireless network driver!

May 12, 2011 19:41
User photo
Julius Sediolano

MSI Wind U230 is this device compatible

May 14, 2011 02:59
User photo
Tim Lund

As this is Ubuntu based, is there a way to install the restricted drivers for wireless or video cards?

May 15, 2011 23:15
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Julius, it's always worth to try! Let us know how it goes :)

Tim, any Ubuntu instructions should work since Joli OS is based on Ubuntu as you said. Note you can get in touch with our developers.

May 17, 2011 18:41
User photo
Steve Markert

Joli OS worked perfectly out-of-the-box on my Dell Latitude D510. WiFi connected on the first try, and it's now a new machine. Love it.

May 17, 2011 21:57
User photo

Please add ipad n ipad2!

May 22, 2011 02:49
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Thanks Steve, the Dell Latitude D510 has been added.

Joel, it's not possible to install Joli OS on an iPad. That said, Safari for iPad is supported as an experimental HTML5 port. Just go to

May 26, 2011 16:36
User photo
Paulo Roberto Ribeiro Filho

Dell Latitude D810 - Working perfectly

Except for a problem with my video, but it happens to many Linux distros, so I know it's not Joli's fault. :)

May 30, 2011 00:02
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Thanks Paulo!

June 01, 2011 11:56
User photo
Paulo Roberto Ribeiro Filho

I would like to help anyone who has the same problem I have (with the X600 video not saving resolution changes on boot) so anyone just e-mail-me I will be glad to help.

June 02, 2011 08:52
User photo
Lewis Brookfield

Toshiba Satellite Pro L450-13Q works perfectly :)

June 26, 2011 12:32
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Thanks! It has been added with the Satellite Pro L300 :)

June 27, 2011 13:43
User photo
Bradley Mercer

Tested and working on the Acer Aspire 4520. running NVIDIA GeForce 7000m graphics card

July 20, 2011 04:18
User photo
John Workman

I'm trying to run Joli OS on a Dell Precision M50 laptop.  I get the Joli OS splash screen, but then it goes black.  Thanks!

July 21, 2011 02:33
User photo

Pls Pls get the touch creen function on the Fujitsu Lifebook T series A580  ....pls pls

any advice by email would be greatly appriciated, even if you could send me some terminal commands.


July 22, 2011 02:55
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Hi there!

Andy, check this topic.

John, what's the graphic card?

Bradley, thanks, it has been added :)

July 25, 2011 17:06
User photo
John Workman

NVIDIA GeForce4 440 GoGL

July 26, 2011 05:12
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Ok, it seems not supported yet. A future update should solve the issue.

August 01, 2011 15:37
User photo
Romica Avadanoaei

Acer Aspire 5050 works very good.

AMD Turion 64x2, Mobile Technology TL-52 160 GHz

ATI Radeon Xpress Series / 639MB

Problems with:

1. webcam, in Cheese is unclear and in red color. Skype doesn't se it. Some guys sad that to up-date the kernel. Not solved yet. I receive to many different advices.

2. Speakers: Even after I set in proprieties, the sound runs in laptop at the same time with the headphones. The mic in laptop is not working. Solution: I cut the sound in laptop and I let only in headphone. 

3. Samsung SCX-4100 (printer, scanner, xerox), I need to fix manual the printer and I solved, But much more problems to fix the scanner. Solved in final form here: (The Samsung Unified Linux Drive Repository)

August 09, 2011 12:45
User photo
Romica Avadanoaei

I discover the webcam model: 0c45:6260 Microdia PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV7670ISP)

Not solved yet. I work at it. I will be back when it's solved.

August 09, 2011 20:39
User photo
Romica Avadanoaei

The problem found in Terminal is "gspca-2.13.5.tar.gz"

August 10, 2011 16:48
User photo
Niema Moshiri

just installed it on my Gateway LT2802U  netbook and it works NEAR flawlessly: screen resolution (and i'm guessing graphics driver in general, as youtube videos don't lag and nor does scrolling), battery measure, sound (speakers AND headphones work, and the speakers do turn off when you plug in the headphones), keyboard works, sleeping/waking up, microphone, and pretty much most noticeable things

what DOESNT work, however, are: some function keys (including mute and volume control), touchpad multigesture (even though scrolling works, but like zooming and stuff doesn't work)

August 24, 2011 03:45
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Thanks for your feedback Niema!

August 26, 2011 15:08
User photo

 (OS) works on Acer Aspire One, just can't get my USB connected printer to print. It shows it as "installed" HP Deskjet D-1600 series, but will not print. I did the [alt] + [F1] and right click/paste the sudo thing that installed the cups and what ever else it put in there for enabling printing, and still nothing after reboot. Any suggestions? (OS) is useless to me if I can't print my course syllabus. Thanks.

September 19, 2011 16:51
User photo
Jolicloud Team


Did you install the Printing Add-on from the App Center?

September 21, 2011 15:26
User photo

Thinkpad X120e.  Not detecting my monitor, so I can't adjust resolution.  Resolution doesn't seem sharp enough.  How can I change this?  Everything else works perfectly!

October 14, 2011 07:43
User photo
Juliet van Ree

Running awesome on my Samsung NC10-KA05 over here. Have problems with installing it on a Acer Aspire M1300 (graphics won't display/so can't get trough the install) but will try to find a work around. (tips are welcome!)

October 16, 2011 08:39
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Sven, did you check the Local Settings folder on your launcher. There's a shortcut to the Monitors settings.

Juliet, what's the graphic card of your Acer Aspire M1300?

October 17, 2011 15:35
User photo
Naeem Haddad

Does not work on Acer Aspire 5536g  , ATI mobility Radeon 4500 series ... any one can help me out  ???

October 24, 2011 22:14
User photo
Jesper Nilsson

Can't get the wifi to work on my HP Mini 1100-1192eo. What shall I do?

October 24, 2011 22:45
User photo
Christopher Prechter

Jolicloud is a great operating system for netbooks! It ROFL-stomps Google's FAILbook, and the best part of it is: it's Linux! =D But unfortunately, I find Joli OS 1.2 is kinda sluggish and choppy with my Intel Atom N455 single core processor on my ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD. It's definitely not my ASUS that is the problem, but I think it has to do with how Joli OS uses my computer's resources. It doesn't like me when I try to use Chromium with 10+ tabs open, and online games are a bit laggy.  

Hats off to the forum moderators who tend to all of our questions! Many thanks.

November 09, 2011 09:36
User photo

Joli OS does not run correctly on an Elonex Webbook, please see this issue which makes it unusable, currently (request 5557).

November 15, 2011 12:09
User photo
Puppet 420
I have an Acer Aspire One AOD257 (D257) netbook. I just got done installing this OS, but the wifi does not work. Please fix this in the near future or I'll be forced to go back to Windows 7. Side note: Before I installed this, I installed XP. Turns out my netbook doesn't have compatible Ethernet, or wifi XP drivers. But Ethernet works on here, so I don't know if XP has to do with anything. Please fix this.
November 20, 2011 21:29
User photo
Jolicloud Team

For any issue related to the hardware, please, make sure to check these topics:

November 24, 2011 15:30
User photo
Eric Lee Sternot

Hi, Jolicloud dev team! I just installed Jolicloud on my Dell Optiplex GX280. I am using a Linksys by Cisco AE1000 Wireless-N adapter, which can offer connection speeds of up to 300Mbps in theory on the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz bands. It must be installed on Windows with the included setup software, but I wiped my Windows partition and wrote over it with Jolicloud. I could try using another adapter, but I sure would like to see my 300Mbps connection speed again! Anything you can do to help?

December 17, 2011 02:20
User photo
zo zamora
Tried to install Joli on my Alienware M17x-R2 several times to no avail, works great on my HP G60 though :)
December 17, 2011 18:06
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Eric, you can contact the Ubuntu community since Joli OS is based on Ubuntu (10.04 LTS right now) and/or contact the manufacturer of your device.

December 21, 2011 16:52
User photo
Jolicloud Team

Zo, I think it's an issue related to the very specific card of your computer.

Wait for a new release or try to manually install the proper drivers.

December 21, 2011 16:53
User photo
alex mcdonagh

is jolicloud compatable with a Compaq mini cq 10-500


December 25, 2011 14:22
User photo
alex mcdonagh

installed it on a dual boot, works fine

December 26, 2011 12:50
User photo
Abhishek Dabholkar

Asus K52Jr is working perfectly with Joli OS dual booting windows 7.

It will probably work with other K52 series asus laptops

December 28, 2011 16:20
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I have installed Joli OS on Nokia Booklet 3g and everything works out of the box except BLUETOOTH. The bluetooth icon is clearly visible and i can turn on/off the device but the BLUETOOTH SERVICE is not running. Thanks for your help.

January 03, 2012 16:37
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Alicia Messinger

Does not detect wireless networks on acer aspire 3690.

Thank you for any help!

January 07, 2012 13:24
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Eric Lee Sternot

@Eric Lee Sternot and @Jolicloud team:

I found the answer to my problem. It is kind of roundabout, but the solution to getting the Linksys by Cisco AE1000 Wireless-N Adapter to work in Joli OS (Ubuntu 10.04) is here:

January 11, 2012 01:59
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Eric Lee Sternot

One thing I would like to see, though, is support for the wireless adapter built into the ASUS U56E-BBL5 laptop. It might be worthwhile to check out this link: I will report back once I have tested whether this potential solution works.

January 11, 2012 02:25
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Eric Lee Sternot

Nope. My ASUS U56E-BBL5 still won't connect to the Internet -- either with a tested patch cable connected to the Ethernet port on the laptop or with the built-in wireless card -- to log into Joli OS. I should note that I have Windows 7 set up as my primary operating system. Joli OS lives on either another partition or "frugally" with 64-bit Windows 7, however the automatic installer from the Jolicloud site sets it up. I don't have my lappy in front of me right now, so I can't check the partitions in the Disk Management snap-in of Windows 7's Microsoft Management Console.

I had previously installed Joli OS (Ubuntu 10.04) by itself on my Dell Optiplex GX280 Small Mini-Tower. I could connect to the Internet with the Ethernet cable and, later, after modifying the driver files of my Linksys by Cisco AE1000 Wireless-N adapter as per the instructions here.

Maybe Joli OS just won't work with this laptop. :( Any ideas?

On a separate note, I successfully installed Joli OS by itself on my uncle's Gateway SX2800-01r desktop. I recently wiped that drive and replaced it with an SSD, on which I installed 64-bit Windows 7. How could I modify the bootloader menu to make the PC boot up to Windows 7 by default instead of booting to Joli OS by default? I'm guessing I'd have to perform such an operation by accessing BCDedit.

January 13, 2012 19:45
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zo zamora

Eric, in order to make Win7 the default OS, perform these steps:

Run msconfig, click on the "Boot" tab, click on the line in the box that says Win7 to highlight it, click on the "Set as default", voila!! Now, when you restart, Win7 will be the highlighted OS and if you let the timer end Win7 will commence. Hope this helps man, holler...

January 14, 2012 10:45
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Eric Lee Sternot

Well, I'll be damned! I didn't know Windows had a graphical method of performing a change to the boot order. I kind of figured I'd have to edit a configuration file with BCDedit, kind of like how one edits the GRUBv1 menu.lst configuration file. Thanks, zo zamora!

Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll get much of an opportunity to test that out with Joli OS, since it doesn't work on my laptop. I might try it on my ol' Dell desktop, though, when I get a chance.

January 14, 2012 18:15
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zo zamora

Glad to hear it worked for ya :) I actually found this "fix" by accident when I was forcing my 64bit OS to use all available/installed memory...go figure :D

January 14, 2012 18:41
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Thinkpad x61t Tablet PC with Wacom digitizer -- the pen does not work nor the scrolling with the middle button of the mouse buttons (the traditional blue key in Thinkpads)

January 21, 2012 07:25
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Jolicloud Team

Thanks for all your feedbacks!

Regarding hardware compatibility issues, you can check these topics:

January 30, 2012 10:18
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zo zamora

I have performed a complete update on all my drivers on my Alienware M17x-R2, tried to inztall Joli OS again, no good...Has anyone been able to installe Joli on any Alienware machine?

January 31, 2012 08:51
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Hi, I have dell Inspiron n5010 with i3-370m processor, 4Gb Ram and ati radeon 5650 graphic card. I have very week perfomance on this system what to do. Web pages are laging during scrolling:/ 

February 15, 2012 16:54
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Jack Cunningham

Hi there,

I have a Samsung NP - NC110 netbook, i installed Joli and, although the NC110 is listed above, I’m having trouble with it finding my Wi-Fi card, as far as i can tell it’s an Intel Wi-Fi card but it won’t pick it up what so ever.
The Wi-Fi card was working fine when running win 7, stopped when i installed Joli os ( booted with windows and a separate installation all together (( without windows )) ) and it just won’t work, any help will be greatly appreciated! Email me @ Thanks

February 22, 2012 17:56
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Torsten Maue

I have problems with my Samsung NC0-KA05DE. :-( I have a black display with white/blue stripes after the restart after installation.

March 04, 2012 08:12
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Torsten Maue

Sorry, Samsung NC10-KA05DE.

March 04, 2012 08:13
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Joseph Golden

I have an HP Pavillion Dv6z-1100 with a Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series video card. When I boot from cd or usb, half the windows don't come up properly, and there is no mouse pointer. If I run the installer from boot, all windows are solid grey with no options. Are there any boot options to change display driver to get the installer working, so I can get a proper video driver installed?

March 05, 2012 17:06
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Joseph Golden

Found a workaround. I edited the boot time parameters for the "try without installing" option and added nomodeset to get into the desktop. I was able to get the installer to run, then after reboot into the hard drive installation, I installed the fglrx driver.

March 05, 2012 17:41
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Acer Aspire 5740G seems to be fine, Joli 1.2, wifi works, wired connection too, screen ok, touchpad ok. app´s loading ok, installed with dual boot Ubuntu 11.10 also access to shared folders seems to be ok, installation process was easy.

April 13, 2012 14:18
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None of my Canon devices working with Jolios. Camera, Printer...

May 29, 2012 22:15
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Alex Keddie

Hello there,

SImilar to Jack Cunningham, I have a Samsung NC110.  I installed Joli 1.2 OS last night and the OS will not recognise that there is a wireless card in the laptop.  I looked for options to update after starting through ethernet and could not find an option anywhere.  I presume there is a work around given the model is in the list above?


August 15, 2012 10:19
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Works fine on my laptop Medion Akoya MD9660

August 15, 2012 18:08
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Samsung N140, and two issues come to mind: one is the same one as Torsten Maue's (sometimes JoliOS loads to a black screen with horizontal lines, clearly an issue with the graphics card, I just force a restart and it works after a couple of times), plus occasionally the PC fails to connect to a network (or, even worse, doesn't detect any wireless networks at all, even though wireless is enabled). I used to have the same issue with Ubuntu 11.10 on the same machine, and the solution then was to boot the netbook to Windows XP, connect to the network there (inserting the network key) and then reboot into Ubuntu. But I'm sure there must be a way to deal with this without using Windows. That's the whole point, isn't it?

September 18, 2012 16:11
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Steve Harwood

having problems using my HP 3050a printer? I'd be happy to use it with USB if it won't work using via wi-fi network. I've tried the hplip with no luck in the terminal saying that some parts are not installed?!

September 22, 2012 12:22
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Patrick Lindsey

DELL Dimension E521 works great!  Had to download the Linux driver for a Ralink RT3062F Wifi Card, does not connects @ 300Mbs instead is connecting @ 130Mbs (this is not a Joli OS issue).  Logitech quick cam worked out of the box. Speakers and sound work our of the box.  Not sure how to approach adding then sharing a HP DeskJet 3845 printer, then adding a HP ScanJet 3300C to use with simple scan.  Both of these devices work in Ubuntu 12.04 on another partition on this same desktop, out of the box, no additional configuration was necessary both were auto detected and installed automatically.  Anyone have a clue on how to proceed with the printer and scanner on Joli OS 1.2?

October 01, 2012 01:45
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Patrick Lindsey

PS if anyone has pointers on tuning the WiFi card it would be greatly appreciated.  Later if there are no replies, I will seek information on all this in the Ubuntu Forums and post results as they develop.

October 01, 2012 01:58
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Ervin Dine

Hello, does Joli Os include proprietary graphic drivers? My Joli OS works fine on Sony Laptop VPCEA4AyC but the laptop overheats a little. Ubuntu uses the proprietary ATI driver, Linux Mint as well so my laptop does not overheat with them, the same with Windows

October 22, 2012 13:50
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Hi! joli os not working  intel pentium cpu B970.  When installing, I see only my laptop monitor is disconnected. Intel GMA graphics card family 6 model 42 stepping 7

November 01, 2012 19:48
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Aspire One D150 runs Joli Os very good, no problems, put on the list please ;)

November 01, 2012 21:29
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Medion MD96630 runs Joli Os good. One bootproblem in browser Chrome ( parameter) but is solved. Put on the list please.

November 01, 2012 21:32
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John Michael Bond

I love the concept of JoliCloud.  The layout and style are very easy to work with.  This is my first time using it and, what I believe, is the Unity desktop, correct me if I am wrong, but I have a problem with the Simple Scan 1.0.3.  It is not locating my scanner, Canon MP250.  I recently installed EasyPeasy on another partition and it was fine with it, as well as Linux Mint, which also had no problems finding it and using it.  Is there something I may not be doing on JoliCloud?  Is this something that has been a problem in the past?  I want to keep using it but I really need it to work with this scanner.  Also, will there be an xchat app available for JoliCloud?

November 11, 2012 17:43
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Does anybody knows how can i install my webcam for Dell inspiron 910?

March 02, 2013 09:36
User photo
Sean Randomson
On first boot of my 2.1.2 Live CD, the resolution is stuck as 1024x768 on my eMachines E443. Will this be fixed when I install?
March 16, 2013 00:32
User photo
Thennarasu Eswaran

Hi, Wifi driver not available for Dell Latitude E6320.. 

April 08, 2013 15:35
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Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 with Pentium 4 and 750MB RAM goes like the rocket under Joli OS, sluggish under Ubuntu 12.10. Only weird thing is that Ethernet fails to reconnect irregular and after re-boot it works fine. Not sure if it is hardware issue or software. But I LOVE IT - quick boot, quick working, stays tuned with my other Android-devices, easy peasy and that's what I wanted. Something light but powerfull, no nonsense. Thank you for your good work ! And I nearly missed this OS as Ubuntu and Linux Mint are much more 'advertised' than Joli OS.

May 30, 2013 13:25
User photo
david israel

0 problema desde un principio al instalar joli ....excelente trabajo...felicitaciones y gracias por los  miles y miles que  se estan incorporando a este genial OS.....clapclap clap clap clap genios...


July 16, 2013 06:16
User photo

Functioned out of the box on a ÉEE-Pc 701 which has not been used for sometime. Cheers......................

September 04, 2013 12:03
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My HP mini 1030nr has worked with Joli OS 1.2 for about 2 years,after I figured out that the wifi switch on the front should be on before the system launches.

November 27, 2013 06:20
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July 08, 2014 11:18
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July 15, 2014 07:35