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How do I install Spotify for Linux preview?

Jolicloud Team
posted this on October 12, 2011 17:15

November 24th, 2011 Update: According to our tests, the preview of Spotify for Linux is now compatible with free accounts. As a preview release this version is still unsupported but we encourage you to try it out! We made it available in the App Center so all you need to do is to click Add and it will appear on your launcher!


Spotify only supports officially Windows and Mac for now. But you can run Spotify under Wine on Joli OS. Wine is available as an add-on in the App Center but it's automagically installed when you add Spotify to your launcher from the App Center.

That said, there's a known issue if you use Facebook Connect with Spotify. If you are a Spotify Premium or Unlimited subscriber, you can try Spotify for Linux preview. (For more details about this preview release, please check the Spotify page.)

  1. To avoid any conflict, if you still have the regular Spotify coming from the App Center, remove it from your launcher
  2. Open a terminal with Alt + F1 (more details)
  3. Type: sudo apt-get update
  4. Type: sudo apt-get install spotify-client-qt

You can now add a shortcut in the Local Apps folder of your launcher (more details) and enjoy Spotify for Linux preview!

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