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Is Joli OS compatible with my machine?

Jolicloud Team
posted this on August 03, 2010 18:03

Joli OS is known to be an Operating System that works on a very large number of devices.


The golden rule: It's always worth to try

Don't see your device in the initial list? No worries, it's always worth trying: chances are it will just work!

You can try Joli OS without installing it from a USB key or, if you still have Windows, run Joli OS Express.

Note: You can also try the Jolicloud experience online using Google Chrome or a modern browser like Firefox 4 or Safari 5.


The suggested hardware specifications

Joli OS offers support for a great deal of hardware and will run on most devices. The following hardware specifications are just suggestions to help you choose a model if you'd like to purchase a new or a refurbished device. If you already have a device, there's just one thing to do: try as explained above!

  • You need at least 384MB of system memory (RAM), 512MB for better comfort to run Joli OS.
  • You also need a minimum of 4GB free space on your hard disk to install and run Joli OS.



Joli OS works with most of the Intel and AMD processors. This list is not closed:

  • Intel Atom Diamondville: N270, N280, 230, 330...
  • Intel Atom Silverthorne(1): Z500, Z510, Z515, Z520, Z530, Z540, Z550, Z560...
  • Intel Atom Pineview: N450/455, N470/475, N550, N570, D410, D425, D510, D525...
  • Intel Core i series: i3, i5, i7...
  • AMD Neo: MV-40...
  • Most of the legacy Intel processors: Celeron, Core 2, A100/110...
  • All legacy x86 AMD processors: Athlon, Turion...
  • Legacy x64 AMD processors fallback in 32-bit mode

Graphic video cards

Joli OS works with most of the Intel, AMD, Nvidia and ATI graphic video cards. This list is not closed:


  • 830MG
  • GMA 500 also known as Poulsbo(1)
  • GMA 900
  • GMA 950
  • GMA 3150
  • GMA 4500
  • GMA X3100
  • ...


  • ION
  • ION2
  • All recent cards such as GeForce 310M
  • 3+ years old cards: GeForce FX and Quadro FX generations
  • 5+ years old cards: early GeForce2/3/4, and Quadro2/4 generations
  • 10+ years old cards: RIVA TNT/TNT2, Vanta, Aladdin and early Quadro and GeForce generations


  • Most of the Radeon 7000, 8000, 9000 and X series
  • ...


Joli OS supports the majority of the Ethernet and Wifi cards from all the manufacturers: Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Ralink, Realtek...

Joli OS also supports most internal and USB 3G, EVDO and Bluetooth modems.

(1) Workaround to play local videos with a Poulsbo device.


The path to follow if you have an issue


If you have an issue with Joli OS, the first thing to do is to check these topics to troubleshoot the issue.

If it worked before

If it still doesn't work and you know it worked before, run Jolicloud Restore Utility. If that's not enough, you might need to reinstall Joli OS. Don't worry, it takes just few minutes!

Try again

If your device or one of its components is not supported yet, contact the manufacturer and/or the Ubuntu community since Joli OS is based on Ubuntu. In any case, stay tuned and keep your system up-to-date. Lots of issues are simply solved by a system update.

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