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How do I make Joli OS my only operating system?

Jolicloud Team
posted this on August 05, 2010 11:55


To get Joli OS on your device, the simplest way is to use the Joli OS Windows Installer which makes it possible to install Joli OS easily and alongside Windows. However, if you want to create a native partition for Joli OS, or simply if your device is not running Windows, you will need a USB key or a flash disk.

Read more about the differences between the two here.

The Joli OS ISO is about 700MB, so you will need at least a 1GB USB key. Please be sure that you have no files saved on your key or disk as they will be deleted during the key creation process which takes less than 5 minutes.

Here are the steps included in this guide:

  1. Download the Joli OS ISO
  2. Download Jolicloud USB Creator
  3. Create a Jolicloud USB key
  4. Setup your device
  5. Use Joli OS and Jolicloud



  • If you get an error after rebooting during the install process, you can check this topic.
  • If you want to uninstall Joli OS, you can check this topic.


1. Download the Joli OS ISO


You can download the Joli OS ISO here:


2. Download Jolicloud USB Creator


The Jolicloud USB Creator is a tool that facilitates the creation of a bootable Jolicloud USB key.


3. Create a Jolicloud USB key


You will need to create a Jolicloud USB key to boot from to install Joli OS. Whether you use a USB key or a flash disk, the process is the same.

Jolicloud USB Creator will enable you to create your Jolicloud USB key. For specific instructions tailored to your system, see our our guide to create a Jolicloud USB key.


4. Setup your device


Please make sure you back up all the data on your device before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Insert your Jolicloud USB key in your device.
  2. Hit the power button on your device and when you see the first loading screen, press Esc or F2 depending on your device (more info). This will ensure that the device boot order tries the USB drive first.
  3. Boot from the Jolicloud USB key.
  4. Select Install Joli OS in the menu.

Using our Partition Install, you are in control. You can decide exactly how much space you want to allocate to Joli OS. You can keep your existing OS and create a new partition, or you can choose to replace your existing OS altogether. If you still want to test Joli OS without installing it, please be aware that all your settings will be lost once you shut down your device and remove the USB key.

Step 1 - Welcome: Enter the language you want to use for the installation process and as default language on your system. Click Forward.



Step 2 - Where are you? Select your time zone on the world map, or type in your location at the bottom of the screen. Click Forward.



Step 3 - Keyboard layout: Select your preferred keyboard layout. Click Forward.



Step 4 - Prepare disk space (Partitioner): This is the key step where you can control the amount of space you allocate for Joli OS. Click Forward.



Step 5 - Who are you? Enter your details and chose a password to protect your account. Click Forward.



Ready to install: Review your details. Click Install.



Your device is now ready to install Joli OS!

Sit back, we are taking care of everything. This step will take about 10 minutes. Check our slideshow while Joli OS installs to learn more about your new OS.



Once the installation is complete, you will see a pop up prompting you to restart your machine. Click on Restart now.




  • If you get an error after rebooting during the install process, you can check this topic.
  • If you want to uninstall Joli OS, you can check this topic.


5. Use Joli OS and Jolicloud

After the install, your device will automatically reboot.

You may want to check this guide for details to use Joli OS and Jolicloud for the first time (even though it's super easy, don't worry).


Happy Joliclouding!

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