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How do I try Jolicloud and Joli OS without installing it?

Jolicloud Team
posted this on August 27, 2010 16:17

You can try the Jolicloud experience online using Google Chrome or a modern browser like Firefox 4 or Safari 5. Please note that you won't be able to use your native applications.


To run a live session with a Jolicloud USB key, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Jolicloud USB key
  2. Insert the key in your device
  3. Hit the power button on your device and when you see the first loading screen, press Esc or F2 depending on your device to access the BIOS settings (more info)
  4. Boot from the key
  5. When you see the boot menu, select 'Try Joli OS without installing'
  6. Happy Joliclouding!


In a live session, there are some things to know:

What's specific

  • Chromium and web apps are running in incognito mode (more details on Google Chrome Help)
  • The local storage is not on the hard drive but on the RAM memory
  • You're not prompted to synchronize your native apps
  • Everything you locally stored is erased once you shut down

What improves your experience

  • You don't need to associate the device
  • You won't have any update to perform

What's restricted

  • You cannot install native apps
  • You have access Local Apps but you cannot add an additional local app



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