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How do I reinstall Joli OS?

Jolicloud Team
posted this on January 03, 2011 17:30

If you'd like to reinstall Joli OS, the process depends on which method you used to install Joli OS the first time.


Note: It's important that you back up your files.


Joli OS Express

If you installed Joli OS on a Windows machine using the Windows Installer, all you have to do is uninstall Joli OS Express and install it again.


Joli OS native/partition install

If you installed Joli OS by using a Jolicloud USB key, you can overwrite the previous install with the new one.

  1. Get your Jolicloud USB key
  2. If Joli OS is your only operating system, just follow the usual process and select Erase and use the entire disk when at step 4. Otherwise you need to Specify partitions manually (advanced).


Joli OS is my only operating system

Note: Make sure your local hard drive is the selected disk.




Joli OS is not my only operating system

  1. Follow the usual process until the step 4
  2. In Prepare disk space, Specify partitions manually (advanced) and click Forward
  3. In Prepare partitions, select the partition of the previous Joli OS install (the type of this partition should be ext4)
  4. 2011-03-21-joli-os-partition.png

  5. Click Change and fill in the fields as below, then click OK: (do not edit the partition size if you were happy with the previous install size)
  6. 2011-03-21-joli-os-edit-partition.png

  7. Click Forward and continue with the usual process


Happy Joliclouding!

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