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Jolicloud Team November 26, 2013 Joli OS FAQs / Using Joli OS and Jolicloud

Note: We will continue to update this FAQ with more information as well as answers to any questions that people might have.


After years of building the best independent cloud OS it’s time for us to entirely focus on the web with Jolicloud 2.
For this to be possible, we have taken the decision to stop the development of Joli OS and Jolicloud Desktop Environment.

What is Jolicloud 2?

Jolicloud 2 is the home for your digital life. Jolicloud has now two sections: Home which gathers all your content in one place, and Drive which unifies all your online storage.

What will happen to my computer?

You will still be able to use both Joli OS and Jolicloud Desktop Environment in their current state but you won’t get any new system updates.

Will I keep access to my documents?

Yes, your local documents will stay on your hard drive, and of course you’ll keep access to your documents you have on your cloud storage services with Drive.

Will I keep my web apps on my computer?

Yes, the launcher and its App Center are included in Jolicloud 2.

I have files on my computer. How can I store them online?

Drive is the home for all your storage. Connect your existing online storage, discover new ones and upload your files to any service Drive supports: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, OneDrive,, SugarSync.

How do I uninstall Joli OS?

It’s easy, just follow these instructions.

I uninstalled Joli OS. How can I access my Jolicloud?

Jolicloud 2 is a full web experience. All you need is Chrome or any modern browser.

Joli OS and Jolicloud Desktop Environment have been open sourced. What will happen to the projects?

They will remain open source. If you are interested in supporting and maintaining the projects, here are the ressources:

Which alternatives do you suggest for my computer?

We recommend a Chromebook or any computer with Chrome or any modern browser.
But if you’re looking for a Linux OS, we suggest you to take a look at Ubuntu and Elementary OS.

Thank you for being a pioneer and your amazing support! We're looking forward to seeing you on Jolicloud 2 from your favorite device!

The Jolicloud team


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